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Unbeatable trucking and transport services

Air cargo transportation usually consists of perishable or relatively sensitive cargo. In such circumstances we at Translog World Wide Logistics believe, an experienced company with good reputation is highly needed to avoid any mishaps, despite existence of several companies offering these services, our company is among the most experienced air cargo company in Pakistan.

Air cargo transportation we believe is done by an unreliable company & any delays caused, could damage a firm’s reputation in failing to deliver their cargo to their respective customers. We believe a time to be only committed if it is possible, as we at Translog World Wide logistics always prefer establishing long term relationships with our customers, because we believe, happy customers bring you good business & good reference to grow & succeed furthermore.

From hazardous materials to perishable items, we’ve done them all. Delivering via any route is not a problem for our company. For us it is crucial to know the material inside & thus we manage its transportation with all the necessary equipment to ensure its safety & security in the process to any country in the world.

Important Information
We send freight by air using high quality services provided by major commercial airlines and international cargo carriers.

The quoted price given to you prior to your booking will usually include all applicable surcharges. We will notify you in case your quoted price changes.
Please be aware that our rates exclude any customs duties. These will normally be handled by the recipient, unless otherwise specified.
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Services team

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